Compensation Data for 2016-2017

GISD Staff Members

The Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) education team is collectively responsible for the management of a $140 million organization, the operation of its programs at 18 facilities, and numerous collaborative partnerships. With nearly 1,375 staff members, GISD serves a region that includes 21 public school districts, 13 public school academies, and 16 nonpublic schools, totaling over 67,000 students.

Public Act 413 of 2004 requires GISD to post employee information for those who have a compensation package with a total annual monetary value in the top 3% of the district's employees (maximum of 20). Listed below are those who meet the criteria, including bargaining unit and nonbargaining unit positions.

Salary & Job Description Information
For each position in the file, the listed title is linked to its respective job description. In some cases, instructional staff may work an extended year summer program. Where applicable, the job description for the summer is also linked when it is different from the academic year assignment.