Parent Advisory Committee

The parent advisory committee is formed under Michigan Administrative Rule 340.1838 to provide advisory input matters to improve special education services within the intermediate school district.  Members are appointed by his or her constituent local school district or public school academy. 

Committee Members

School District/Academy 
Name  School District/Academy  Name
 Atherton  Open  Greater Heights Academy
 Beecher  Open  International Academy
 Quayera Norris
 Bendle  Belinda Fifield  Kearsley
 Staci Stoica
 Bentley  Beth Miller  Lake Fenton
 Lori Smith
 Burton Glen Charter Academy  Open  LakeVille
 Carman-Ainsworth  Marcy Collins  Linden
 Carole Greenleaf
 Clio  Melissa Cribbs  Linden Charter Academy
 Priscilla Wallace
 Davison  Tracey Fowler  Madison Academy
 Fenton  Kimberly McCarthy  Montrose
 Flint  Shawanda Pelletier  Mt. Morris
 Flushing  Kimberly Odette-Kirk  New Standard Academy
 Genesee  Mimi Matthews  Northridge Academy
 Genesee Stem Academy  Open  Richfield Public School Academy
 Heather Ryno
 Goodrich  Sherry Kenworthy  Swartz Creek
 Jackie Mason
 Grand Blanc  Tammy Atkinson  Westwood Heights
 Grand Blanc Academy  Open  Woodland Park Academy

Additional Resources 

Michigan Alliance for Families